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Fee Structure

Painting Class

We have one space remaining.

2 days per week

a) Tues 8-5:30, Thu 8-4 £692.71

Fees stated are per month

Playing toddlers

Our fees start from £80 per day.


Our fee is inclusive of wipes, sun creme, 3 meals & snacks through the day and outings. 

We accept Tax Free Childcare Payments. For more information and to apply for an account, see

Funded Spaces

3 & 4 Year Old Funded Sessions Additional Fee £38 per day

2 year old Funded Spaces

Universal Credit Childcare Costs

We are a FEEE fee provider. In on order to provide the full standard of care, we charge an additional fee for additions including activities, 3 meals & 3 snacks per day. Sessions are limited.

We have limited 2 year old funded spaces. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you are in receipt of universal credit, you can be reimbursed for up to 85% of your childcare costs. Contact us to discuss.

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