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AirDrop for iPhone: How to Download and Use the Best File Sharing App

If you tap Accept, the AirDrop will come through within the same app it was sent from. For example, photos appear in the Photos app and websites open in Safari. App links open in the App Store so you can download or purchase the app.

download airdrop iphone

Thanks for reaching out to the Apple Support Communities! It sounds like your AirDrop has been stuck downloading for a while. I suggest checking out this article to Restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and see if the issue is resolved. Then, try and AirDrop again.

If you are looking for AirDrop download for Windows PC, go through this part to learn the 6 most recommended AirDrop-like apps that can help you transfer files between your iPhone and computer wirelessly.

SHAREit is also one easy-to-use transfer app that lets you transfer files through a Wi-Fi connection. There is no limitation on how big of a file you can transfer and it has a good speed while transferring large files. You can think of it as an AirDrop download on PC Windows 10 replacement.

Why do you want to download AirDrop for Windows 10 and 11? You may think the wireless transmission is very convenient. The truth is also true. However, the transmission speed cannot be guaranteed because it is based on Wi-Fi connection.

You cannot download AirDrop on Windows PC but there are AirDrop-like apps that can help you transfer files wirelessly. Or if you want to transfer data from iPhone to Windows PC quickly, you can rely on FoneTool to help you make it.

Whenever I airdrop a photo from my iPhone11 to my iMac it goes to downloads in finder but it never used to if you did an airdrop it would activate all the photo's on iPhone to transfer to photo's on the iMac. Recently I have found auto download of photos from iPhone to iMac very flaky. If someone else tries to airdrop a photo from their iPhone to my iPhone I never get it but everything is all switched on?

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Yes several problems. I am sending photos from my iphone11 to my iMac. I have tried restarting everything but no luck, this has only happened over the last 6 months and before that all my photos that i AirDroped to my mac went to photos. My wife has an iPhone SE and that does the same.

I am novice but finally figured out that airdrop places the files in chronological date order based on the date the file was created. For example if you took a photo on April 21, 2015 on your iPhone and then used airdrop to put that photo on your macbook on September 20 that file will be placed in the date order it was created (April 2015) in your download folder. You will need to scroll down according to dates that the file was created not the date the file was transferred and you should find your file. If you haven't named your file you will need to the look for the file number given by your iPhone and then check for that file in files that are dated in April in your download folder.

Nearby Share is an advanced application that was introduced by Google in 2020 as an AirDrop for Android phones. It is currently available on Android 6.0 and up. Nearby Share is a highly popular application with one million plus downloads and 1k plus reviews.

The steps of sharing files between Android and iPhone with AirDroid Personal are the same as those of Android to Android. You can only share files in a few clicks, download the software, install it, and share your photos, videos, or files with the specific person you want.

Two-way remote file transfer: You are able to upload single or bulk files on multiple devices in the shortest time. Additionally, they can download any file from different devices without using any cable or USB.

But once the initial transfer is complete, new photos you take with your iPhone automatically upload to iCloud (as long as you have Wi-Fi). These images then automatically download to the Photos app on your Mac.

I have tried to download images from my iPhone to my MacBook Pro, and more than half the time I cannot find them. Sometimes they are in Downloads, but more often I cannot find them no matter how hard I look. This feature is a disaster at present.

I agree, this feature is more trouble than its worth. I have tried airdropping several times and can never find the photos. I spend more time checking every folder I can think of, a better system is needed.

Until Apple makes AirDrop more reliable, you might have better luck using an alternative transfer method instead. One of the best AirDrop alternatives is actually Apple's own iCloud Drive. Simply upload files to iCloud from one device, then you can download them from another.

Managing files with iCloud Drive isn't as quick as using AirDrop because you need to upload and download files instead of transferring them directly. But when AirDrop isn't working, it's often the next best option.

Wow! I finally got it but it was extremely counterintuitive. I had to go to the Ringtone settings page on my iphone 13 and there was a section with "Store" with two buttons, "Tone Store", and something like "Download all downloadable ringtones from the store".

I had no interest in purchasing ringtones from the store, so I didn't bother tapping this at first, but I figured what the heck, and I tapped the "download all downloadable ringtones", and the .m4r file's ringtone instantly appeared in the ringtones list in settings, and I was able to use it.

Open the Google Photos website(Opens in a new window) on your computer, and you should see all your synced photos. To download a specific photo, click it and open the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, then select Download.

Available for iOS and iPadOS(Opens in a new window), Documents by Readdle lets you view the folders and files on your computer from a mobile device. You can then select the files you want to download to your PC. This can be done by downloading and launching the app on your mobile device, then opening the Docs Transfer website(Opens in a new window) on your computer.

At the File Save box, click OK to download the file and then choose a location to store it. When you're finished, tap the Disconnect button in the mobile app to sever the connection.

You need to download and install iTunes from Apple in order to transfer photos to your PC. You can also use their cloud service if I'm not mistaken. Check out for more info on this, but definitely possible.

another thing you can do is go to and download the icloud software. When your phone syncs with icloud it will also sync to special folders on your computer (iphotos, idocuments, iblahblah), and it should be as easy as just opening up a folder in the my pictures area depending on what version of windows you have.

This article focuses on the most common question "where do my airdrop photos go on iPhone and Mac" among the iOS users. You can learn how to transfer files using this feature on both Mac and iPhone in this article and enjoy the hassle-free experience.

Photos shared by Airdrop are stored in the Downloads folder. To navigate to this folder you can navigate to "Go" > "Downloads" or use the dock option on the Mac OS. So you can find the photos by clicking on the "downloads" folder in your Mac.

For iPhone airdrop files are stored automatically in the app from which the files were sent from. If the app is not installed on your iPhone, you will be redirected app store to download the respective app. Once the app is installed, the airdrop file will be opened in that app.

For the question "where do airdrop photos go on my mac/iPhone?" this article stands to be the perfect answer. This article provided you the details on how and where you can find your airdropped files and also how to use the iCareFone tool to transfer the files as a batch without any issues.

Although airdrop feature is efficient in transferring files or photos one after the other, iCarefone can be used as an alternative to easily complete the process when there are multiple files that need to be transferred.

To send a long video file via airdrop, select the share icon on the bottom-left corner of your screen. Find your recipient in the airdrop section and tap their name. All they have to do is tap one button to accept, and your file will be in their photos.

Step 1. Connect your iPhones to your computer. Open EaseUS MobiMover, then go to > Pictures > Photos. You can also use the data transfer feature to download all the photos from iPhone to iPhone at a time.

When you save a file to iCloud Drive from your PC, the file doesn't download to your device until you select it from the iPhone or iPad Files app. To access the file offline, go online, open the File app, and navigate to the file to download it for offline use.

Tap Download and hold until a menu appears. Then select Download Link. Another button will appear giving you the option to Download Now. Select that button and the file will be downloaded onto your iPhone.

Photos replaced iPhoto several years ago as the primary storage app for your images on a Mac. When you connect your iPhone to your computer, it will open these apps, and give you the option to download your photos to them.

Right after you save MP3 to your computer, get WALTR PRO. The app's free to download and there is also a trial period for you to test it out. WALTR PRO is perfectly compatible with Windows & Mac computers.

The tool has been out for a couple of months only, yet it already captured 100000s downloads and has been reviewed by the leading media outlets in the tech industry. Go ahead and give it a shot, or move to the other solutions we reviewed here.

If you airdrop between a Mac and an iPhone, your Mac has to be produced in 2012 or later and it should be running OS X Yosemite or later. Setting it up doesn't require much effort, but there are certain limitations you must know about.

You are to select who can see your device & airdrop files to you: your contacts only or everyone. If you choose contacts you have to be logged in to your iCloud account. To avoid extra hassle and put an MP3 on iPhone ASAP, you may as well let yourself be discovered by everyone nearby.


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